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4P is an application created to manage presentations "non-linear".
Is the perfect solution to organize many files to be projected in a not-linear time line; with notes, touch pointer and Apple TV support.

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It's not another Powerpoint!

4P is designed to compose a presentation with many types of files, especially video clips, image files and documents.
You can manage a presentation composing a sequence of files checking with no problems the trend, advancing in sequence or sliding backward and forward.

4P is not a tool to create slides with a good title and special effects of transition.
4P allows you to organize and manage most of the files you need for a presentation, including slides.
It also gives you the chance to use at any time the iPad cameras to expand the capabilities of your intervention.

4P on iPad

HDMI, VGA or Apple TV

4P manages the projection through the screening specific hardware device, HDMI, or VGA.

Apple TV support.


4P integrates a touch pointer for the external projection. While looking at video files, image files, documents or web cam can shoot you can interact pointing interactively interesting areas of reproduction.

Dropbox and Google Drive

You can compose your projects using the most commonly used Cloud Storage systems. 4P is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can also upload your contents using iTunes and the My Documents folder of the app.

Use the cameras

With 4P you can project all supported files, and also the image of the two cameras[1] available on the iPad. This allows you to interact with "real" elements at any time.


Write down all your notes, associating them to any media that you have in your track list.

Supported Files


XLS, XLSX, Numbers

PPT, Key




[1] only on iPad2 and iPad Retina
[2] not animated GIF

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